Saturday, 31 May 2008

Letter from Da'rryl to ArchBishop Desmond Tutu

Dear ArchBishop Tutu

I am writing to you in the hopes that you would be able to help me.

I recently watched an episode of the US television program, Bill Moyers Journal on PBS. (, and the writer Thomas Cahill was on the show talking about how he came to know Texas death row prisoner, Dominique Greene. He also spoke about how you came to be involved in the Dominique Greene case.

There is, and was, NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE linking me to any crimes.
This case was marked by racial overtones. I am an African-American man who, in 1988, was convicted of the rape and murder of a 16 year old white girl.

The trial judge in my case said, "I want to see his nigger ass in the chair for messing with white women"

I've enclosed a copy of a newspaper article for you.

Trial and appeals lawyers have failed to highlight my claim of ACTUAL INNOCENCE and lack of physical evidence.

My case has moved through the courts and recieved biased, and short review. Resulting in a final denial of my appeals in the US Supreme Court on March 17th.

My appeal to you is that you will take the time to look into my situation and help me they way you attempted to help Mr Greene.


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