Wednesday, 12 August 2009

URGENT: Durr Request for Clemency Support

Durr Request for Clemency Support,

Kathleen McGarry
P.O. Box 310
Glorieta, New Mexico 87535
Phone: (505) 757-3989
Fax: 888-470-6313
August 6, 2009
RE: Clemency for Darryl Durr

We are writing on behalf of our client, Darryl Durr, an Ohio Death Row Inmate who is
scheduled to be executed on November 10, 2009. Mr. Durr’s last chance to avoid execution will be a clemency hearing scheduled for September 30, 2009. We are asking you to write a letter of support for Darryl. Please address the letter to:

Governor Ted Strickland
Governor's Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215‐6108

However, I would like you to send the letter to me (Kathleen McGarry) at the address on my letterhead. The reason I am having you send it to me is that I am creating a handout of materials that will go to the Ohio Adult Parole Authority and the Governor. The Board will actually hold the hearing, and make a recommendation to the Governor, the final decision maker on clemency. In order to have all the materials I need, the letters of support must be in my hands NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 17, 2009.

Read Kathleen McGarry's Letter and Details of Darryl Durr's case here


Terrance said...


I understand that you said there is no physical evidence linking you to the crime. That may be true, but it doesn't mean you are innocent. At this point your statement sounds more like lawyer-speak for "I should get off because they don't have enough evidence." Generally, death row inmates proclaim their innocence with their last breath. I don't perceive such a proclamation from you. If, and only if, you did the crime, you deserve whatever punishment is handed down. This includes those old-time sentences such as being drawn and quartered, flogged to death, or whatever else is considered cruel these days. If you did not commit the crime then you should be released. It's that simple. Released with reprimand for each year you were falsely imprisoned. You know the facts of what happened on the day in question. If you are guilty, be a man and accept your punishment. If you are innocent, say so, loudly and repeatedly.

TM1 RETIRED said...

Put him to death now. C/UP. What a joke. The little "ANGEL" did not suffer that at the hands of this waste of a human being. LOL. " BURN IN HELL DURR."

Dan said...

I looked up your name, not because I support you, but because I just wanted to say the following. Do you think the 16 yr old girl who was raped and murdered deserved a brutal death. She had her life taken from her and you have lived this whole time since. You disgust me beyond belief. I have studied the case and believe you are really guilty. Be a man, face up and tell the truth and then take your punishment. Quit dragging this on your rapist and killer, you deserve to die.

Anonymous said...

No Support Here you have taken up space for too long as it and your type drag the system too long, after your gone no one here will shed a tear.
I hope you rot in Hell.
Actually im going to say a prayer tonight specifically asking God to make your death painfull and your trip to hell a long and also painfull.

joao said...

You killed a young girl. You deserve to die. ANd you should suffer as you made her suffer. But you won't

Fuck you.

Bal√°zs Haui said...

owned, stamped, tax payed,
one less murderer around \o/ GG